April 07, 2010

adidas star wars collection.

i need some star wars garb very very badly. specifically these. or these. or these.



rachel rianne said...

we've been talking a lot at work lately about star wars.
i showed the graphic designer at our office your post about the awesome posters -- he loved it.

how SICK is that star wars theme remix?
i say you have to get the orange skywalkers.
and then you have to take a cheesy fashion photo of yourself in them and post it.

graham r said...

i couldn't agree with rach rianne more. that video/remix is nothing short of badassmazing!

pimp the shoes. do a photo shoot. you'll be the cool kid on the block.

oh, wait a minute. you already are.

Grant Morris said...

First off, the Daft Imperial March is SICK. Second, I am going to go ahead and suggest the last pair of kicks listed in your post.