November 18, 2009

staff storehouse sale.

there's a sale going on this morning in the hillcrest storehouse for staff members. here's what happened to me:

dave gibbons - the monkey and the fish: liquid leadership for a third-culture church
jerram barrs - learning evangelism from jesus
john c. mcdowell - the gospel according to star wars: faith, hope, and the force
ed dobson - the year of living like jesus: my journey of discovering what jesus would really do



melissa d said...

I wonder how similar Dobson's book is to A.J. Jacob's book 'Year of Living Biblically?' (which, by the way, I HIGHLY recommend!)

adam paul said...

mel, I just finished jacobs' book actually. terrific. dobson actually spoke here in kc at a church called jacob's well last week and is super great. I'm anxious to see how they differ.