November 10, 2008


what is there to even blog about now that the election has ended? i wasn't certain that life would actually continue past november 4th, and looking back on it - i apologize for blogging about politics as much as i have over the last couple months. what a snoozer. i wouldn't want to read my own blog.

sometimes i envy people who can take great pictures. it would make blogging so much easier. plus it would improve the overall aesthetic of my blog (which, lets be honest, hasn't been my first course of action since joining blogspot in 2006.) in fact i picked a scheme and haven't strayed from it to this day. i think i may have changed the "visited link color" once back in early 2007. if i cared about blog layout, i'd switch to tumblr. ryan adams has one i hear.

i was sitting in social interaction an hour ago. my professor said something like "i dont want to be here anymore than you do." i found that funny - we all subject ourselves to something none of us really want to do. it's always odd to me that we all get together three times a week when i'm confident 100% of us don't want to.

sometimes i like to go back and read my old old old posts and giggle at how immature i was in high school and early in college. chances are i'll check this post three years or so from now and find myself equally immature now. 26 is so old.


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luke said...

man, i'm glad i'm not 26--that IS so old. but man if i was younger and hipper i would totally get a tumblr too. man, how does ryan adams do it?