July 16, 2008

yeah thats funky.

i've been to worlds of fun twice in a week.
even if i rule at taking ride photos - it gets old fast.

the all-star break is a bummer for three reasons:
1. there are no sports going on.
2. the homerun derby is flawed to the point where the guy who hits the second most homers can win.
3. the game is a publicity stunt. publicity stunts should not have home field advantage attached to them.
that having been said - thank God for brett favre and josh hamilton who have saved sports radio this week.

i'll be at town center 20 watching dark knight from 12-2 am on friday morning.
get hyped. i'm banking on it to be the movie of the summer.

albums i've been listening to the last few weeks:
1. speakerboxxx/the love below - outkast
2. elephunk - black eyed peas
i realize i'm about 4 years behind the times on these two.
but somehow i missed them entirely. can't win em all.


1 comment:

rachel rianne said...

i think that just the smell of wof twice in a week would get old fast.

but you're soooo kc.