October 18, 2007

moments in education.

being an education major can occasionally place me in slightly interesting situations.

three examples:
1. today i found myself reading a powerpoint for class about how to use powerpoint for class.

2. and last week i had to take a test to find out what i'd learned about summative feedback (summative feedback = things like testing students to find out what knowledge they've retained about a certain subject).

3. and a few months ago i was sitting in class having a discussion with my professor and thirty other students about how to facilitate discussion in the classroom.

good thing i really want to teach someday so i can push myself through these classes. hm.


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tuffy said...

as an education major i once took a multiple choice test on alternative forms of testing, followed by a lecture on why lectures are not effective. same day of class. i kid you not.

much love,