June 30, 2007


so a lot of people are familiar with the fact that one of my favorite movies (one of my family's favorite movies, really) is You've Got Mail. Tom Hanks is hilarious, it is beyond quotable, and for those that know the Cooper Family you know that its quotability is probably why we even like this movie at all. well, my sisters and mom might think Meg Ryan is cute or something too.

anyway, i was at work today cleaning dishes...which is an entirely too lonely time of the day for me. if manhattan wasn't lonely enough, i have to do dishes by myself sometimes. rough life. but while i'm doing the dishes i get to think, and i like thinking. i think i'm a lot better off because of my ability to think and without it i think i'd be rather comparable to jell-o in terms of IQ. i was thinking about You've Got Mail and how my family could very well be watching it as they were driving down to Nowata, OK (again, stricken if i need to include the location....but i've decided its probably more important that i include ", OK" this time. nowata is a bit smaller).

I'm telling you insignificant details and trying to be funny. here's what i foudn interesting: the movie centers around Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) who is part owner of Fox Books, the economic devil in the eyes of Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) who owns The Shop Around the Corner, a children's bookstore. Fox Books is going to put SATC out of business. its inevitable. and the whole movie they all talk about how horribly commerical and huge and impersonal and loud and unhelpful and corporate and nationally annoying Fox Books is.

yet the movie is also obsessed with incorporating Starbucks. i found this shockingly contradictory. that is all.


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